Despite being one of the most beautiful acts of love and kindness, gift giving has also been a point of interest for psychologists and anthropologists. These social scientists have investigated gifts from multiple aspects and concluded that the giver always gets more pleasure out of it!

    But whatever lies behind the pleasure of gift giving, milestone birthdays are super-important and call for the ultimate presents. From happy birthday gift baskets to weekend trips, read on to discover the best gift ideas for this occasion. 

    1st Birthday

    If your friend or relative has had their baby, a milestone birthday gift is a perfect way to make a good first impression on the baby and its parents. Consider something that will comfort the little toddler - a cozy blanket, a fluffy teddy bear, custom cradle accessories, or a handmade toy.

    16th Birthday

    When buying a gift for a teenager, you should strive to leave a life-long impression. The best option is a gift that matches their interests or symbolizes their transition to young adulthood. For instance, if they are music fans, you can give concert tickets, vintage posters, or music memorabilia. 

    20th Birthday

    The person celebrating their 20th is a step closer to adulthood but is still on the path of finding themselves. So, the same rules apply as the gifts for 16th birthdays. 

    Make sure the gift is symbolic or personalized. Some good ideas are custom-made items, weekend trips, custom-made clothing, and accessories, or tech

    August 13, 2022 — SEO Jodie