Teenagers are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, especially during Easter. After all, it’s the time in their lives when they’re halfway between child-like wonder and the realities of adulthood. They might also feel like they’re too old to join in Easter festivities. Your teenager will probably roll their eyes at Easter egg hunts and picture-taking with the Easter bunny.

    But like most people, they sure wouldn’t mind getting gifts to celebrate the occasion. Dulcet Gift Baskets has put together this list of fun and practical Easter gifts for teens.

    For the Foodie Teen

    TikTok has elevated the food scene. A survey done by marketing firm MGH found that 65% of people on the social media platform use content created there to pick their dining choices. And with nearly 65 million Americans on the platform, chances are big that your teenager is also active on TikTok. They probably see this type of content on a daily basis.

    If your teen has expressed interest in trying out viral TikTok recipes or begged to go to restaurants featured by their favorite content creators, you can’t go wrong with giving them the gift of Easter goodies. 

    You can always go the retail route and present them with easily available Easter-themed cookies and chocolate.  But why not give them something worthy of posting on TikTok instead? 

    You can’t go wrong with our adorable basket of gourmet Easter goodies. You can choose from a simple yet delightful assortment of cookies, cupcakes and pastries to decadent carrot cakes. These can come beaitufully wrapped in our signature gift boxes, wicker baskets, or tin cans–just perfect for their unboxing reels on TikTok.

    For the Techie Teen

    What teen isn’t techie nowadays? After all, this is a generation that grew up practically glued to computers, tablets, and smartphones. So, here are a few gift suggestions.

      • Power bank - If your teen is constantly losing juice on their phone or asking to connect to your charger, you can’t go wrong with adding a power bank to their Easter gift basket. You can opt for something simple or go for unique designs that match their personality. But be sure to check important factors like efficiency and charging rate because while they may look good, they might not carry enough power, rendering them useless. 
      • Clip-on light rings - Does your teenager like taking selfies? Present them with a convenient clip-on light ring to ensure they get that perfectly illuminated selfie every single time.
      • Silicone earbud cases - For teens who constantly misplace wireless earbuds, you can include cute and whimsical silicone earbud cases in their Easter gift baskets. These cases come in various designs, from simple color blocks to their favorite anime or literary character.

    wrapping a gift box

    Fashion and Beauty Gifts

    Teens also need to unwind and simple gifts for rest and relaxation would be much appreciated. You can include bath bombs or scented shower gel sets in your gift basket. For the teen experimenting with make-up looks, you can include the latest blushes, lipsticks, and eyeshadow palettes from their favorite brand. 

    Get your teens ready for the summer months with a gift of a set of scrunchies and scene-stealing sunglasses. These are items you can even include together with your basket of Easter goodies for extra points. 

    Shop our Easter Goodies Collection

    Easter can mean a lot of things for different people. While it is foremost a religious holiday, it is also a celebration of the coming of spring and when we come out of our winter stupor. It is a beautiful, colorful holiday that many families like to celebrate together.

    Dulcet Gift Baskets offers an array of Easter goodies, perfectly wrapped in our signature boxes that are sure to delight every member of your family–from grandparents to your hard-to-shop-for teen. 

    Browse our collection of Easter gift baskets here.
    March 31, 2022 — SEO Jodie