Gifting is more than just buying someone a present. Sentimental gifting requires putting in some thought, especially around holidays like Valentine’s Day. Around 66% of Americans tend to remember personalized gifts over store-bought gifts; hence, it is worth the effort.

    But what does one choose? Valentine’s Day is not only for partners and lovers. It’s about all the people who make your life rich and bring you joy. It can be your kids and parents, one of your friends, or maybe even your neighbor. To ensure you celebrate one of your favorite days, read our personalized gift guide and why dessert baskets for delivery is an excellent gift of love. 

    Gift Basket for Your Partner

    This gift basket will show just how much you know your partner. If you are unsure what to put in the basket, you can start with your partner’s favorite wine or drink. Add some flavourful and textured cheeses, maybe some prosciutto and melon, all arranged in a beautiful picnic basket. 

    To add some sweetness to the romantic evening, you can choose one of our gourmet chocolate truffles to add to the basket. Choose the Classic Chocolate Gift Box or the Chocolate Dessert Gift Box to celebrate your love.

    Gift Basket for Parents

    Parents have given us life, so gifting them for Valentine’s shows them that we love them. Prepare a basket for their favorite tea time together. Buy some exotic blends from around the world and consider adding two porcelain cups to enhance the taste. 

    Complete the experience with the Deluxe Pastry and Tea Gift Set or the Gourmet Valentine's Tea Bread Arrangement.

    Gift Basket for Neighbors

    Show your neighbors you appreciate them and that you are glad they live next door. They are usually the first ones we reach out to before our family arrives. For the holiday of love, treat them with a Valentine’s Deluxe Gift Tower of Sweets. Throw in some tickets to their favorite movie or a book from their favorite author – and you’ll have friends for life. 

    Gift Basket for Friends

    Good friends are like family. They are always here for us, keeping our deepest secrets and listening to our endless complaining. Having to put up with us is one reason to give them something they’ll love. 

    If you’ve been friends since you were kids, create an album of memories to remind them of your priceless friendship. Go down memory lane while enjoying the Valentine’s Day Heart Cupcake Assortment, or go for the Valentine’s Red Bakery Collection box.

    Show Love to the Homeless and Struggling 

    While we all spend Valentine’s Day with the people we love, not everyone has the luxury to receive love. There are many homeless and struggling families who need someone to show them love, and you and your community can do that. 

    Prepare baskets stocked with food, essential toiletry items, toys for the kids, and maybe some warm clothes. Include handwritten notes with encouraging messages to let them know they are not alone. This may not mean much to someone, but the gesture will mean the world to them. 

    Choose Tasty Dessert Baskets for Delivery

    Gifting dessert baskets for delivery is one way to show loved ones this Valentine’s Day how much you appreciate them. Having someone to share your love with is the most treasured gift of all. And sharing love is exactly what we do! 

    Let Dulcet Gift Baskets tickle your family and friends' taste buds. Pick your order today! 

    January 05, 2023 — SEO Jodie