Birthday cakes often get the popular vote when it comes to choosing the ultimate birthday treat. But as times and birthday trends change, birthday gift baskets have been getting quite the spotlight among buyers. 

    Cookies are not really a birthday staple but the fact that they are smaller and neater, they make superb gift baskets for all occasions - including birthdays.  

    Birthday gift baskets of cookies can be a delightful alternative to a birthday cake - and here’s what you can choose as your birthday gift. 

    Birthdays are All About Surprises - Make Your Unique!

    The perfect birthday gift basket should scream with uniqueness, taste and elegance - all wrapped in one. Birthdays are also all about surprises, so you can feature your cookie basket as part of the surprise birthday party and sweeten up every guest’s day.  

    For the next birthday party you attend, consider stepping out with a twist and give the birthday girl or boy - and the rest of the guests - a special treat to enjoy. Not only are birthday cookies an interesting idea, but they can be far more versatile than your average birthday cake - they come in fabulous flavors, textures, sizes and options to please everyone’s taste palate. 

    Cookies Beat Cake!

    Cookies are delicious, sweet and diverse and a gift box collection of birthday sweets can include anything from lemon and Linzer cookies to sprinkles, rainbows and even balloons! Include some candles while at it to go with the pastries - and make a wish! 

    Birthday Cookies Flavors: The More, the Marrier

    Do you know what gives cookies that extra point compared to cake? There’s only one cake per birthday, but your favorite birthday basket can include up to 6 or 7 different types of cookies! 

    Cookies are not only delicious but versatile and meet various different tastes - so everyone can have their favorite! From Oreos and fudge brownies to mini black-and-white cookie birthday gift baskets, the options are yours to combine. 

    Chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, raspberry and caramel, apricot and cinnamon sugar - a birthday gift basket filled with cookies will have anyone celebrating with a proper taste of sugary heaven. 

    All birthday gift baskets made of cookies offer various flavors to resort to -chocolate, banana, fruit, or vanilla are some of the options you have to say “May you have the happiest of birthdays, yet!”

    birthday cookies

    Get the Best Cookies Birthday Gift Baskets Available on the Market!

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