The global gift market currently estimates $62 billion and rises at a 2% rate. This easily makes gift baskets an ever-popular choice for many. After all, there are many occasions that warrant a specific type of present that sends just the right message. 

    When it comes to expressing sympathy, gift baskets provide comfort for the recipient. Whether someone’s mourning the loss of a loved one is just going through a rough patch, knowing how to express your sympathy without seeming insensitive is incredibly important. This is why cookie sympathy baskets are the perfect way to support someone in need. 

    Sympathy Gift Baskets Match Specific Recipients 

    Firstly, a sympathy gift is not just any gift - you can’t treat it like a birthday, wedding, or anniversary present. It’s not supposed to surprise or overjoy the recipient. Instead, it should bring them some relief and provide comfort, but it shouldn’t be too over-the-top or gifted insensitively. 

    More than anything, a sympathy gift ought to express support and show compassion and understanding to whoever is receiving it. It should be the material equivalent of “I got you”, “You’re not alone”, and “You can count on me.” That’s why you need to properly contemplate the message you want to send before opting for a sympathy basket. 

    cookies and milk

    A Bit of Sugar Helps the Sorrow Go Down

    When it comes to sympathy gift baskets, there are also the physical and physiological ways in which the gift can affect the recipient. 

    For someone in mourning, food can help preserve their energy and keep them full. And since food is directly connected to the heart, a bit of sweetness can be the perfect pick for someone grieving or suffering. 

    Sugar is also incredible for fixing one’s mood so a carefully selected cookie sympathy basket will offer a wide variety of sugary delicacies that will lift up the spirits of those affected by the blues. 

    The Perfect Balance between Tender, Uplifting and Reserved

    How do you try to cheer someone up without seeming insensitive? By offering them a cookie. There is certain practicality in giving someone a cookie sympathy basket when times are tough. It is a gentle and thoughtful gift, but also nuanced, reserved, and uplifting. 

    Count that the recipient will appreciate the delicious treat and be thankful for your grand gesture instead of feeling it’s a bit tacky. 

    Find the Best Cookie Sympathy Baskets to Comfort Those in Need

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    Our fresh and innovative cookie combos are subtly packaged and promise to mend just about any broken heart and soothe just about any troubled mind. 

    Evoke the right feelings and give someone in a struggle something to cherish - explore our selection of cookie sympathy baskets and take your pick. 

    June 29, 2022 — SEO Jodie