When a person passes away, it’s important to show their loved ones that you’re there for them in their time of grief. Apart from sending a card or visiting them, you can do so by sending a thoughtful and meaningful gift, such as a sympathy gift basket of cookies.

    Gifts of Condolences

    While traditions and conventions vary across cultures, sending a gift to the bereaved is universally considered a kind gesture. Whether the person who has lost a loved one is a friend, co-worker, client, or relative, they will appreciate your expression of sympathy. 

    Food is a traditional gift of condolence. After a death, the bereaved family receives many visitors wishing to offer their respects. Sympathy pastry gift baskets are both appropriate and useful, as their contents can be served to guests. 

    Often, the grieving family is unable to prepare food for themselves as well as their guests. A gift basket filled with comforting food items, such as cookies and pastries, will be appreciated.

    What to Include in a Sympathy Gift Basket

    A mix of cookies and pastries is sure to warm the heart of its recipient. When choosing food items for sympathy pastry gift baskets, consider the religious food restrictions the recipients might have. For instance, if the recipient is of the Jewish faith, make sure that the food items you send are kosher. 

    You may arrange the food items in a classic basket. However, while a classic basket is a good choice, an elegant gift box or tin is an excellent option as well. Both can serve as keepsakes and perhaps even a place to store sympathy cards and other mementos when the contents have been consumed. 

    At Dulcet Gift Baskets, we offer gourmet baked goods already arranged in beautiful gift boxes, kraft boxes, or tins. This makes choosing the right food items to include in your gift easier for you.


    When to Send a Sympathy Gift Basket

    You may take the gift basket along with you when you attend the funeral or memorial service. It will be much appreciated by the loved ones of the person who passed away. 

    Another option is to send a gift basket to the family’s home as soon as possible after the funeral or service. It is acceptable to send one whether or not you attended.

    Who to Send the Sympathy Gift Basket To

    If you’ve decided to have it shipped, you may be wondering who to address it to. You may send your sympathy gift basket of cookies or pastries to the loved ones’ partner or spouse. Otherwise, you may also send it to an immediate family member, such as a sibling. 

    To further personalize your gift basket, include a thoughtful message in a card. It doesn’t have to be a long letter—a short, caring note will do.

    Sympathy Gift Baskets by Dulcet 

    Dulcet Gift Baskets offers a selection of sympathy gift baskets. 

    The Classic Sympathy Bakery Gift Basket - This includes six mini black and white cookies, three assorted brownies, and ½ lb assorted rugelach in flavors such as raspberry, cinnamon, and chocolate chip.

    The Deluxe Sympathy Pastry Gift Basket - This comes with three assorted brownies in flavors such as chocolate fudge, walnut, and chocolate chip blondie, two each of Linzer cookies and blueberry muffins, one chocolate crumb cake, and one old-fashioned cake. It also includes two slices of marble pound cake and ¼ lb of rugelach.

    The Sympathy Bakery Sampler Tin - This includes one chocolate lava cake, two fudgy brownies in flavors such as walnut brownie and chocolate cheese, and 6 assorted flavored cookies. The pastries and cookies come in a beautiful tin that’s ideal for gifting.

    You may also add chocolate-covered Oreo cookies or a chocolate gift box to your basket. If you would like to include a personalized note, you may leave it in the comments box at checkout. We will place your message card on an elegant gift card to be shipped along with your basket at no extra charge.

    A Gift That Shows You Care

    Dulcet Gift Baskets specializes in designer gift boxes filled with decadent pastries and cake-style baked goods, all freshly baked and made from scratch using the finest ingredients. Our goal is to provide our customers with the perfect gift baskets for any need or occasion, whether it’s to offer sympathy for a loss or show appreciation for an act of kindness.

    You may browse our selection of sympathy gift baskets of cookies and pastries and place your order online. If you have more questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

    June 14, 2022 — SEO Jodie